Video chat is the best tool for communication with your friends, family, and colleagues. It is a completely hassle-free tool for its users. It is very easy to download and operates very well. The demand for online video chat apps is growing more in the world. The video chat app is more reliable for work from home jobs. It is the best tool for anyone very easy to use anywhere in the world.

With the growing technologies and devices on the internet. It is also created new apps and devices for its users to keep them attracted towards it. Video calling apps have made our life better and easier.

These apps offer amazing features to their users to provide amazing experiences. To the continuous invention of new technologies helps to speed up the living standard of the people.

Are you looking for the best video chat apps for Android, iPhone, IOS, and MAC?

Here, you will get the complete information about the best video calling apps available for mobile, laptop and Mac.

What is video chat app?

Video calling apps help to have a better face to face communication with our loved ones, friends, colleagues and business associates. It reduces the distance between two countries or cities and provides a better video quality experience.

What are the advantages of video chat apps?

  1. Provides high-quality video
  2. Save time and cost
  3. Helps to reduce our travel expenses
  4. Helps to promote collaboration
  5. Provides sharing options
  6. Very cheaper
  7. Easily support in mobile and laptop
  8. Provides large meeting capacity
  9. Can create private or group chat

What are the disadvantages of video chat apps?

  1. Less personal contact and understandings
  2. Not reliable technology
  3. Time zones difference
  4. Network issues

Video chatting apps 2020



Skype is the best communication app for video chat and video call between computer, mobile, laptop, tablet, and smartwatches over the internet. It is the best app for instant messaging services. Users can transfer video, audio, text, and images. It also allows video conferencing calls.

Over 660 million worldwide users using Skype. It was 70% of daily users increased from the previous month due to COVID-19 pandemic. It is the most trusted and reliable app for users.

You can communicate over the internet by text, using a microphone, or by webcam. Skype is free of charge app. It provides the best video quality services to its clients. It is a very popular video chat app for users.


Zoom is another best video chat app for users. It is very easy to use. It is an American communication technology company based in California. It provides a high-quality video experience to its clients. This app also provides online chat services through distance education, social relations, teleconferencing.

Zoom is a cloud-based communication app that provides video or audio conference calls, webinars, screen sharing, and live chat to its users. It is a completely free app that does not charge any cost. You can make a video call for 40 minutes. There are 100 users of can join the chat group easily through video calling.


WhatsApp is the most popular app for messaging and video calling. There are millions of users using this app for video call, text, conferencing call, and video or image sharing. There are lots of features are on WhatsApp that makes it unique from other apps. It is the most trustworthy app for users.

It is the best video chat app for users. It ensures the safety of the user’s data accurately. It also keeps upgrading its app and introduced new features to its users.


This is the most popular video chat app for instant messaging or video calling. It is supportable in mobile, laptop, and tablet.  If you are looking for a chat with your friends, you can use this video chat app.

Millions of users using Facebook messenger app for online video calling and chatting. It is a safe and secure app for users. Messenger is the most downloaded app in worldwide. It gives HD video quality experience to users.


Viber is the best app for calls and messages to anyone. It is operated by a Japanese company. This is free and secure video chat app for users. It is easily supported in android, Microsoft Windows, Linux and macOS operating platforms.

It also provides lots of features to users which makes them popular among other online video chat apps. This is free to download and transfer images, audio, or video to anyone. It can be used for a conferencing call or video calling. It is very easy and fast for sharing pictures and videos. It also enables features for making international calls.


IMO is the faster app for online video chat & call. You can make free call to your friends and families.

It offers high-quality video and voice call services. It is easily supported in 2G, 3G, and 4G connection. If you are looking for an app to chat with your friends, lovers, and family. It is best for chat and voice call.

IMO will keep your data safe and secure. It never compromises with user data, so it is free to download and use at any time. You can also make private or group chat with your friends.


The video chat app is the best medium for communication. It helps to improve your communication better and richer. These best video call apps will give you better experience through calling. The demand for video calling apps is growing faster due to pandemic. Many people working from their home and using online video calling app for better communication.

This is the best apps for video chatting and voice calling for those who like to talk with friends and families. It helps to provide the best quality video facility. Therefore you can connect with your friends around the world.

Video chatting apps are better for conferencing call or meetings, it saves time and money of the company. It also increases the productivity of the company.

If any of the apps have been missed, please let me know in the below comment.

Thank you for reading the post.

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